Start off the day with a workout

When I was applying ravenously to universities and colleges, I never thought that I would get rejected from each and every one of them. I reached a low point, uncertain of what to do once I matriculated, I had my heart set on studying, but now all my dreams of doing archaeology, sociology and politics were washed down the drain.

I saw an online ad for Damelin College and in a few minutes I applied to study Journalism and Media Studies. I’ve always had a knack for writing, but I never saw it as a way to forge a career or earn money – but now I have my own blog, I’ve written a few freelance pieces and got employed at a media company. How ironic!?

My years at Damelin were…interesting. It wasn’t filled with the typical stereotypes of what tertiary life is like, but I did learn a few things.

One; be patient, be very patient. (Say this as dramatically as possible) If the Damelin City Campus Management is highly qualified at one thing – it’s making their students wait in impossibly long lines, going through impossibly tedious processes, only to get something that would have been impossibly easy to get with the simple use of email or giving a solid answer.

But, that’s not all I learned at Damelin City Campus – I also learned how to cope with change. Change is inevitable and a big must in the story of life, and let me tell you, the number of “last second changes” exam timetables you go through will make you soon learn just how inevitable it is. Every Damelin student knows not to take any timetable at column and row value.

I sarang you all! I think that’s how it’s said…

For all these valuable lessons, you can understand the tone of this sarcastic – I mean… sincere speech, and I haven’t even touched on the hole-in-the-wall cafeteria, lack of computer labs, the so-called “library” and the useless student cards. Of course not forgetting the… friendly faces up on the infamous fifth floor. Now, bear with, I didn’t come here just to rant about these services. In fact, I came here to rant about everything I experienced at Damelin City Campus (I added this part in while typing!)

GirlOnTheBus Boss Lady
I like this green and burnt orange combo!

My lecturers. My dearest lecturers. You guys were actually not half bad. Gafsa, you were a total sweetheart and very willing lecturer, you deserve the moon and more. Roman, who sitting here now hasn’t felt your energetic, wholesome energy? You are a gem, keep shining! Olwethu – girl, honestly I found you to be such a cool, very domineering presence, but you carry it so well! Last, but most certainly not least – Ms Carol *** ***. An interesting personality with an “interesting” obsession to pinch people’s cheeks. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. I know I am missing a whole lot of you guys, sorry about that. But, to my lecturers – some of whom were totally clueless, others who were totally amazing – thank you for grading my long-ass essays and making my time at Damelin a time to remember. I wish you all nothing but good health, contentment and great rewards for the time and energy you’ve spent on your students.

Now, my classmates (mwahaha). Actually you are all really cool! You each have your own flavours, your own spice, your own marinade – which you all carry with ease and grace. Not a single one of you doesn’t deserve good things in this world. To my study buddies, group-assignment groupies, debate-lovers, late-comers, submit-assignments-late-comers – thank you for an interesting, hilarious, culture-filled three years. Papa Bless you all and I hope you hustle it out in this media world!

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