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It’s time for a break!


Everywhere you look; it stares right into your soul. You hear it everywhere you sit, stand and sneeze (into your flexed elbow). I’m talking about the latest strain of Coronavirus sweeping the nations: Covid-19.

It has stumped scientists, taken lives and made us rethink the way we live and spread information – more importantly, how easily we spread disease. But the world seems to be battling more than just a new virus invader – we’re dealing with huge amounts of ignorance, fake news, plain stupidity and advanced stupidity, all of which are non-nutritional.

This is a serious time, people – and one where we cannot afford to lose face. Right now, we have no cure and no way of knowing what will happen in the near, scary future, but we have to fake it til we make it!

That’s where GirlOnTheBus comes in. We’re going to be keeping you all reliably updated and informed about the Covid-19 outbreak, all while sharing things to make you smile (because we believe there’s nothing wrong in having a little fun).

Take a break from the outbreak

So, prepare yourself for easy home exercises, budget friendly recipes, ridiculous games to get you laughing, and new healthy habits to adopt. We want you to feed your brain with reliable information, and give it time to relax and ponder – we’re here to destroy those feelings of Covid-19 angst and paranoia.

So, along with our regularly stunning content, we’ll be bringing you isolation-specific posts to make you feel healthy and happy again.

Happy, healthiness for vegetable-haters like me

To all our readers, followers, friends and family – we wish you all good health and great immunity during these trying times. Ensure that you keep a level head and look after each other from a safe social-distance. Remember: to travel tomorrow, we have to stay inside today.

Look after yourself ❤️

Make full use of the emergency services provided in your country or state, and make full use of that stunning brain of yours, along with a side dish of common sense. We can do this!

Appreciate the time you have. Start a some home gardening!

GirlOnTheBus Creator, Zahraa Schroeder

Do something fun, like eating lots of fresh foods, getting lots of sunlight and playing dress up!

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