#COLLABS Short Stories

#STORYTIME: Spring: the season of revival

And so the frost of winter is melting away, the seeds of love and commitment buried in the soil begin to sprout again, the mild breeze brings in the song of love, harmony and peace. I am standing under a blooming tree, the breeze whispers in my ears, singing a wake up song to my sleeping soul. I can behold the life being awakened by the gentle waves of the spring; a new season breathing a new soul into a barren life.

The grass begins to dazzle and flowers dance with the wind as I contemplate this revival and sit under the tree. A seed has no sense, a heart nor brain either, yet it commits to strive and shoots out from the rigid soil to live free. It struggles and grows despite that the conditions may become harsh; it leaves behind a legacy – yet another seed to sprout.

I ponder upon my creation, having mind and heart so sound. I have buried my voice a thousand times and have become more rigid than a soil, lost voices never were found. Seasons came and seasons went, yet the seeds of love and commitment were lost deep in my heart, or was it me who never allowed them to sprout? The rumbling thunder around me never allowed me hearing the sounds of my heart. Springs came and went, I ignored the songs and wake-up calls, and now here I am sitting, deaf, letting my vision hear and talk. The voice inside me became numb and I, a mere corpse.

Another stroke of wind blows, this time it did not whisper, but it shook me from inside. The breeze then gently tickled in my ears and whistled melodiously. It brought back to me the strength of hearing and resurrected my lifeless heart. This spring is not like the others that have passed by; it reunited me with my lost part. I can hear my heart talk; the chronic wounds seem to heal now.

This time, it is me who will set boundaries and it is me who will define the love; I am not a mere puppet, nor a mere dust. Loving myself will be my principle, being respected will be my right, I will love myself for every fall and a  thousand times I will fight!

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