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Summer Must-haves✨ (HIJAB GUIDE)

A new blog series with all that you need for the Summer season. We’re talking skincare, glamour and ideal headscarf materials to keep you looking fab, collected and (most importantly) cool during this, or any summer for that matter!

To kick off, we’re starting with a topic very near and dear to my heart – hijab! Just like choosing the perfect headwear for your day out – the right fabric, colour and style is vital for any hijabinista in the Summer. Well… anytime of the year, but Summer is the time when wrapping a piece of fabric around your head and neck numerous times can feel annoying. Yes, we do get hot in our scarves.

But, stick to my fool-proof guide and you’re sure to make the most of this summer without overheating – and over-thinking.

Side note: this is not a comprehensive list of the hundreds of fabrics, colours and styles out there, but rather some advice from past experiences and what works best for me. But you do you sis!

White Crushed Cotton Scarf


Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the print and folding of the scarf, we need to take a look at the type of fabric you’ll be wearing. Here are some of my faves:

Linen — a coming-of-age trend that has recently been recognised as a Summer must-have. I especially love my white floral linen scarf! The fabric has some good structure and a lot more structure than a traditional cotton scarf. So, if you like a scarf style with crisp edges, then this fabric will work for you. It is extremely lightweight with a soft finish. It’s also an opaque, non-slip fabric – perfect for those who don’t want to wear undercaps. If I had to recommend a fabric choice for summer it would be this breathable fabric through and through! LINEN!

Cotton — a tried and trusted fabric. Cotton t-shirts and skirts are essential for Summer and so are cotton scarves. The most widely available type of scarf fabric out there, these sweat absorbing cloths come in a variety of lengths, colours and styles. From crushed, square, crinkled, and tassled to sparkly, printed, and plain. Add two solid colours; like white or green or peach, to your Summer arsinal to include in any beach/roadtrip outfit – you can thank me later, doll!

Viscose (Rayon) — can’t get your hands on these natural fibres? Don’t even worry about it! Most scarf blends include a mix of a natural fibre along with a synthetic fibre. Just ensure that when buying a blended scarf, you read the thread count on the label and ensure that a large portion of it is made up of Cotton/Viscose. Viscose scarves are the most common type on the market, so rest assured that you won’t be paying through your neck for one! They are cool to the touch, but are often not opaque – either way these guys are great for the Summer sun!

AVOID: Chiffon and Silk. Although these fabrics are very flowy and may be associated with the warmer weather, they do a very bad job of keeping you cool. The “good” fabrics mentioned above keep you cool by allowing your skin to breathe, which in turn makes you feel less sticky and gross. Plus, natural vegetation fibres are especially good at absorbing the sweat from your neck and head.

Dark Brown Viscose Scarf

Side side note: the glasses I’m wearing in these pictures were my favourite, and the OTP to all my outfits. Then, one day, it got up and left me. I haven’t seen nor heard from it since. Please send yah girl help by commenting your favourite Summer Must-haves! (No, this wasn’t a ploy to get you to comment. Yes, I will do it again in future.)


Left to right: Peach Crushed Cotton Scarf & White Floral Printed Viscose Scarf

We’ve all heard the science behind darker vs. lighter colours, but TBH I have very rarely followed that advice. But now that I come to think of it, I do usually wear brighter colours in the Summer… I know of some hijabinistas who wear black 24/7/365 and the heat never catches them! But if you’re anything like me, someone who likes to dress to the natural colours of the season, then this one’s for you girl! White is naturally going to look good in the Summer – its crisp, stark, brilliance will reflect the harsh beams of the sun and make you resemble the sunny goddess you are!

Oranges are wonderful for Summer! They boost your Vitamin C levels and add a charming contrast to the blue skies and waters. This warm colour is great for those who want some boldness to their look without standing out too much (think peach and coral). Speaking of Summer sky and surf, Blues are always going to be in-season, but try to stay away from royal or navy blues though. When it comes to Greens, think “safari” rather than “steamed broccoli”, but don’t think “cream soda milkshake” either. Stick with Greens like Khaki, Olive, Seafoam and Pistachio.

Pistachio Viscose Scarf


Now, instead of just telling you guys what to do with your scarves or doing a few six frame graphics – I went and made some YouTube videos. The links below do not contain any viruses (I PROMISE ON MY LOVE FOR CHICKEN PIES) they are links to my YouTube channel and, more importantly, hijab tutorials to get you through the Summer months!

And that’s basically it, sis! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have suggestions of your own or think that I was serving cold tea, then feel free to comment down below! This Summer Must-haves series will be running the whole of the Summer, so be sure to follow my blog for updates!

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