#COLLABS Lady Bits

#COLLAB: Ierse dame (Irish miss)

The poem is written as a metaphor. I have PCOS, which does not allow me to menstruate every month as per normal, so this poem is a semi ode to that. I wrote this poem one night when I was feeling particularly saddened/upset about myself…

All of the poems I’ve written thus far are in Afrikaans, because I feel the language is able to grasp ideas stronger than English could. I have translated it in case there are some who do not understand Afrikaans.

Dis al 8 maande toe ek jou laas sien

– meisie met die rooi hare.

Ek vergéét skoons jou hare

– soos golwe van roos-olie

so glipperig en langdradig

Ek vergeet amper die pyn wat jou gesig

vir my gebring het

– soos ‘n pols van elektrisiteit of

soos ‘n reeksmoordenaar wat




Ek sal nooit jou marteling vergeet

soos jy rond my lyf gedans het

of soos jy nóú aan my gedagte sny

Heks met die rooi hare

ek verlang na jou

al sien ek jou nooit weer nie

Dis al 8 maande toe ek jou laas sien.

Saadiqah Schroeder (2019)

Here is the English translation:

It’s been 8 months since I last saw you

– girl with the red hair.

I’ve even forgotten your hair

– like waves of rose-oil

so glistening and tedious

I’ve almost forgotten the pain that your face

brought me

– like a pulse of electricity or

like a serial killer that




I will never forget your torturing

as you danced around my body

or how you cut into my thoughts; even now

Witch, with the red hair

– I miss you

even if I never see you again

It’s been 8 months since I last saw you.

Saadiqah Schroeder (2019)

I am a BA student majoring in Linguistics and Afrikaans at UCT. I love the outdoors, nature & animals, art and other thought provoking stimuli. I write poetry, draw & paint as hobbies when I’m not studying.

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