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The best Freshman advice ever I

University is scary, there’s no sugar-coating it. But just like all fears, it’s all in the mind. And plus you have me to guide you little chickpeas to become fully fledged university beans ! 😁😁😁 
Well done! You’ve made it to university/college, exciting times are ahaead, so expect some turbulence, duty-free hours and delicious meals as your journey begins.
But before you can earn your wings and be the pilot of your life, you first need to know what your job entails. In lamens terms in order to be a pilot you need to know what a plane is – in order to be a freshman you need to know about uni life.

First, no one gives a s#!+ about you. That includes lecturers and other students in your class of 300. But a class of 300 !? I can understand why. Um no dude, I was in a class of 40 and the mindset remains the same. And before you go cry in the corner, this nonchalant-ness is actually quite good. One, it’ll give you the opportunity to grow. No teacher to hold your hand and press you to hand in assignments is the perfect environment to evoke those adult hormones and big person DNAs. However, just because the lecturer doesn’t check your homework or remind you to study for tests, does not mean in any way, shape or form that you need to slack off. Aw hell Naw !!! 
And that leads me to my second point, you’re in college now, big people school, getting ready for the big bad world, so act like a big person. And yeah college is the time to try new things. Whatever it may be – friends, study methods, sex, parties, driving lessons, new loves, getting a job – whatever! But don’t let these big people niceties distract you from the important big people things – like doing your best, honouring your word, delivering on time and being someone others can count on. Sooo do your part of that group project and do it on time, be on time for class (your parents are paying through the roof for you), be kind to people (bullying is Soo out of fashion) and lastly read all my blogs 😁.
My third point, attend orientation week. Many universities/colleges have Open Days, Orientation Day/Week and it’s important to attend these events. They give you a chance to deliberately come to class late, get lost and learn all the technicalities of the school. Like it’s timetables, you get to know whose in your class and familiarize yourself with the area. It’s a vital way to make sure you stay ahead of the pack and on the path to being a badass student. 
Now this is all the boring stuff, there is Soooo much more to uni than the technical stuff. So stay tuned for The best Freshman advice ever II

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