Sun, spring & C-breeze

Sometimes a spntaneous weekend getaway is all you need to make you feel alive again. 
It was the beginning of October; the air is still chilly with the final remnants of Winter and the Summer sun blooms, steadily growing in warmth as the hot season approaches – more commonly known as the season of Spring. And what better way to enjoy this confusing weather than to go on holiday !?

Well it’s not exactly easy finding last minute accommodation spots for six adults! So, where do you go – Montague? Fully booked. Langebaan? Double booked. Worcester? So fully booked, I can’t even! How about… Paternoster?
Where!? Pater-what-now!?

Exactly, where better to find the perfect accommodation than in a small, unpopular fishing town? It’s simply perfect! And perfect it was.
Perfect-Paternoster housed us in a charming and simply cosy, beachfront cottage – C-breeze.

As the name states, the open-plan kitchen and living room and dining area adds a breezy, beachy feel to everything. An added bonus to the whole theme of the house, is the sound of the rumbling, rolling, crashing waves that can be heard from the beach a few meters away. 

More information on this beautiful place can be found on

But besides how simply gah-mazing this cottage was, can we please talk about how the beach was literally visible from any window (well, not so literally, but you get what I mean!) The beach was so close, I had the urge to file for a restraining order against it. But its close proximity meant bright outdoor breakfasts and breathtaking sunset walks.

Paternoster is a town as big as its name. In about an hour we explored the entire town, which consists of; a few quaint hotales and rental houses, a market and curro shop and a restuarant. So if you’ve ever wanted to opt for an off-the-grid kind of living but you’re too scared to go fully commando, this adorable little fishing town is perfect! 

This place is simply fantastic for kids, if going to the beach everyday is what they’re into. The novelty soon wore off for me and my siblings. We’re an adventurous crew, new sights, sounds and smells are needed everyday and unfortunately, Paternoster is little bit too laid back for our liking.

My parents and gran found it simply enticing and were blown-away by the simplicity and easy-going vibe of the place. In short, it’s not a place for adventure or adrenaline, rather a cosy environment to chillax and reflect.

But not even the lack of spunk and bustle was enough to ruin to overall charm Paternoster offers. Even my beach-hating sister loved the symphony of crashing waves and c-breeze. 
So this summer, please do yourself a favour and book your next holiday in the charming town of Paternoster.

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