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#COLLAB: The Blind Date

It was like any other day, except on this day, I was having my first blind date. It seemed crazy at first when I signed up on an online dating site. That was where I met Han. His profile said pretty attractive things about him, like how he earned his first degree in Public relations and how he received numerous awards as an outstanding employee at his place of work. I thought he was attractive – judging from his display photo.

Our first conversation was a hit, it was as if we’d known each other forever. He sure had his way with words… I still remember my heart drowning at the tone of his voice. With one thing leading to another, we developed a strange but sweet attachment towards each other. Having a full picture of him in my imagination, I gathered up all the strength in me to meet Han for the very first time.It felt weird – but exciting! It had been my first time on a blind date and I had to wrestle my thoughts on what and what not to wear, “It has to be perfect”, reassuring myself over and over again. “I’m prepared for this”, I told myself.
Just like a dream my first blind date was a hit – we met, and it turned out he was super cute in person. He did most of the talking while I drowned in his dimples, staring all throughout, he was a perfect gentleman… or so I thought.The greatest happiness comes from loving and being loved back. I wasn’t sure where this love will lead me, but I was super sure I didn’t want to be awoken from this fairytale. With every other thing seeming less important.

I stood frozen. Watching my world fall apart right before my eyes. I couldn’t help the tears from falling as I walked towards his sick bed.I watched him; struggling through every breath, with the doctor’s words replaying in my mind – could this really be the end.
I understood it would be the end of the heart disease he’d been suffering from for the past ten years (with two procedures), but could this really be the end of us? I cried. The tears kept rolling as I held onto his hands, struggling with my heart to say a silent prayer for our last moments together. Watching those eyes that melted my heart and those dimples that drowned my soul, I watched him choke unto his last breath.
He died in my arms; leaving me to myself; alone in a world that now feels empty.
He had been an orphan since birth and grew up in an orphanage, which he followed suit into a successful life. Every bit of our moments together, became memories that wet my eyes.
I fell in love by accident and now I’m not sure I’ll recover from its injures.

Maryam Jimoh, freelance writer.


I’m a freelance writer from Nigeria, I love meeting new people (Muslims in particular) and engaging in Islamic activities. I’m a public speaker, a teacher, humanitarian, and explorer. Nature lover and a biologist – I carry out volunteer services and I’m a passionate lover of knowledge. 

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